If you are interested in carrying our coffee in your establishment or home or simply want to talk, please contact us at or give us a ring/text at (503) 679-7561.


There are more than 5 of us, and we are more than 1 in 5. We are more than a prime number, more than pentagonal in shape. Yes, we are an untouchable, but we are more, much more than vulgar fractions and classical elements. We are a glyph, as every Citizen knows, and a Roman numeral (V). We are easy to multiply, but it should be noted: not always easy to divide. We are more than our ascender, more than an atomic number, more than the number of arms of a sea star or a category of mighty winds. Yes, we are an enquiry character, of course; and there is much belief in 5. The power of 5 is in our hands and feet. Most flowers have 5 petals, and very importantly, coffee flowers have 5 petals. And it is here our story of fives begins: with coffee. We are Citizens of our 5 senses, and consequently, Citizens of our 5 tastes. In this, we are one. In this, we are all Citizen Five.

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