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Come in and enjoy a treat with your delicious Citizen Five coffee! We have Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels as well as a variety of Fleur De Lis Bakery & Cafe pastries.


There are more than 5 of us, and we are more than 1 in 5. We are more than a prime number, more than pentagonal in shape. Yes, we are an untouchable, but we are more, much more than vulgar fractions and classical elements. We are a glyph, as every Citizen knows, and a Roman numeral (V). We are easy to multiply, but it should be noted: not always easy to divide. We are more than our ascender, more than an atomic number, more than the number of arms of a sea star or a category of mighty winds. Yes, we are an enquiry character, of course; and there is much belief in 5. The power of 5 is in our hands and feet. Most flowers have 5 petals, and very importantly, coffee flowers have 5 petals. And it is here our story of fives begins: with coffee. We are Citizens of our 5 senses, and consequently, Citizens of our 5 tastes. In this, we are one. In this, we are all Citizen Five.


OUr Story

We are brothers. Started this place in 2008. It's been great. We started roasting our own coffee five years ago and we believe it tastes good. If you like it, buy some. We don't like writing about ourselves but we could be considered coffee connoisseurs, and are looking to expand our clientele. If you or your business is interested in carrying our coffee, we can help with whatever you need! Thanks. 

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